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The Scottish Sports Horse is a Breeder’s organisation, recognised by the World Breeding Federation of Sports Horses and the European Union.

The Scottish Sports Horse supports and promotes the breeding of the very best sport horses and ponies who are able to compete in the Olympic discplines of dressage, showjumping and eventing.

The Scottish Sports Horse also caters for Endurance horses and welcomes the blood of the arab and thoroughbred.

Horses and ponies with good conformation and soundness, athletic movement, and a willing trainable temperament are at the heart of the Studbook's Goals.

Forward Thinking In Its approach!
  • The SSH is an “Open” studbook. This means that any sports horse or pony can be registered with the SSH regardless of breed, colour or height.
  • Stallions, Mares are foals are assessed by Professional overseas judges at Grading's held annually .
  • The Scottish Sports Horse, encourages, supports and promotes the breeding of only the best mares and the best stallions by means of offering cash vouchers to highly graded mares attaining Predicates.
  • Stallions can only become lifetime Approved after 4 years from initial grading during which time they must prove themselves as successful sires of quality progeny AND prove successful in competition.
  • The x- raying of both stallions and mares (optional), fertility tests and DNA testing are all part of the SSH approach.